Home buyers save time and money with Google Maps

Google Maps offers powerful tools to home buyers that are fun to use and will make your home searches more efficient and less burdensome.  Don’t waste time visiting homes that are not suitable for you! Google Maps will help make your home tours more productive.

Have you ever had the following happen to you?  You see a home listing online.  You like the way the photos look, and the asking price seems attractive.  So you rush to make the showing appointment, get in your car, drive to the home, and when you arrive you immediately have an objection about the listing’s location or homesite. Ultimately, you decide that the objection makes the property inappropriate for you. And you say to yourself, “If I had known about this issue before I visited the home, I never would have made the showing appointment!”

Inappropriate showings are a frustrating problem that’s fairly common in today’s fast-paced market. There’s so little time to think. Buyers feel pressured to make snap showing decisions and end up running to showing appointments for homes that ultimately are of no interest to them. It can be a big time – and gas – waster!

The video in this post shows you the Google Maps tools you can use to avoid wasting time touring listings that do not suit you. It demonstrates some of the easy – and engaging – sleuthing we do with Google Maps for our buyer clients. We vet the listings our clients ask us about to help them make more appropriate, more productive showing appointments.





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