Why homes sell better with a digital marketing master

Have you ever wondered why some homes seem to sell more quickly and for more money than others? We have the answer: masterful digital home marketing is the key to a more successful home sale in the 2020s!

Cutting-edge digital home marketing campaign

In 2001, only 8% of home buyers started their home search online. Today, 98% of home buyers start online and over half of those find the home they end up buying from their online searches.

That’s why digital marketing is now by far the most important factor in home selling success. Digital marketing gets you the most money and the best terms for your home because it goes to where the buyers are: online!

The video and review below show you exactly what masterful digital home marketing in the 2020s entails:

The above video is just over eight minutes long.  That’s a long watch!

So, to help save you time and get a better understanding of how powerful and productive digital home marketing can be, below are excerpted key summaries from the video.

Each summary video is short  and supported by accompanying written explanations.

Please watch and get back to us with any questions!

Professional photography

Nowadays, professional photos are the minimum home sellers should expect from their listing agent. Yet amazingly, nearly half of the listings on one of the largest MLS networks in Massachusetts (MLS-PIN) still lack professional photography.

Ask the agent you are considering hiring how he plans to handle photos of your home. If the agent says he’ll be taking his own photographs, that’s a warning sign!

Social selling

Masterful digital home marketing in the 2020s is all about social media platforms and online marketing campaigns. Paid advertising campaigns on Instagram, Google, Facebook and YouTube promote listings and drive attendance at open houses.

Paid social selling will increase your home’s exposure to the market by putting your home in front of the greatest number of potential buyers. The larger the pool of buyers, the higher the likelihood you’ll receive more offers. And anytime you receive multiple offers, you’re fostering an atmosphere where prospective purchasers will offer their highest and best price in order to compete with other offers.

Ask the agents you interview if they’ll be using targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, YouTube videos, and Google paid advertising. Ask to see examples of their social ads. Top-quality social media advertising is a good indication of a top-quality home marketer!

Matterport 3-D virtual tours

Many agents will include a virtual tour in their marketing plan for your property. But it’s important for you to know that not all virtual tours are the same. Many agents will say “virtual tour” but by that they mean a slideshow of still photos of your property. These slideshow tours were compelling in the 1990s, but are really ho-hum now. And a lot of agents still use them today!

The best virtual tours are 3D and self-guided. And the best of these tours use a software platform called Matterport. It works on all devices including smartphones.

Matterport creates an interactive experience for home buyers. It turns your home into a user- directed tour. Buyers can go room by room at their own pace and use the route that they want to take. The dollhouse view is an especially effective involvement tool.

As we progress with the 2020s, we believe Matterport will become increasingly an integral way people view and buy homes. This is the future! When interviewing agents, ask what kind of home tour they include with their listings. Remember, not all virtual tours are the same. The best of the best is Matterport!

Digital floor plans

Digital floor plans were rare back in 2005. They’re much more common today. On the MLS-PIN system in Massachusetts, roughly 35% – 40% of listings currently have digital floor plans attached to them. Buyers can quickly access the floor plans to get a good overview of the property and see if they have an interest in pursuing it.

The best plans have embedded photos. You can see what each room looks like as you go through the plan. Buyers can use floor plans to much more easily tell if the house they are looking at is suitable for them. They can quickly see not just room sizes, but also room locations.

Review the marketing plan before you list

BEFORE YOU SIGN a listing contract, ask to see the agent’s marketing plan. It should utilize all the digital marketing tools and strategies we’ve highlighted above.

If an agent doesn’t have a written marketing plan, or if the plan scrimps on state-of-the-art digital marketing, you might want to find a better agent!

We have a written, detailed marketing plan we will be happy to share with you.  Use the link here or in the image above to ask for your copy. Or call us at 508-561-6259 and we’ll send it right over to you!

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